Sep 122013
Come to the Ludwigia Cleanout Party, Lower Stone Farm, Fri., Sept. 13th, 8AM.

The Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation of Santa Rosa, California fosters education of the Laguna wetlands and watershed.  The Foundation’s “Learning Laguna” program provides classroom activities and field trips to 2nd-4th grade classrooms.  One of the field trip sites is Lower Stone Farm, a City of Santa Rosa property alongside the Laguna.  The invasive, alien, bad-bad-bad! plant ludwigia has overgrown much of the Luguna, especially at Lower Stone Farm.  Friday, September 13th, 2013, a team of volunteers will remove some of the ludwigia at one of Learning Lugana’s field stations for Learning Laguna.  Bad, bad ludwigia!  Good, good volunteers!

Disclaimer: This video is a call to action created by Tony McGuigan.  This video is not a product of the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation.

Promise: If you walk into the Laguna, your feet will get wet.  Enjoy!


See this 4 minute video of Lower Stone Farm BEFORE the September 13th cleanup:


Enjoy the Laguna de Santa Rosa and watersheds throughout!