Spore Lore

Spore Lore Consulting Services

Convert your landscape to a food-producing , wildlife-supporting, low-maintenance & low-resource-needing (green and sustainable) garden!


  • native plantings
  • contour swales
  • vegetable beds
  • microclimate hydrozones
  • aquatic/pond features
  • trellis crops/raised beds


  • lawn removal
  • drip irrigation
  • driftwood art
  • animal habitats
  • worm bins
  • soil building


  • food harvesting
  • composting
  • pruning
  • mulching
  • carbon farming
  • reseeding/starts

DO YOU . . .

  • Want to grow more food in your yard, but not sure how to or where to start?
  • Think about replacing your lawn with more water-conserving something, but not sure with what or how to go about it?
  • Want to add wildlife habitat to your yard?
  • Desire a more artful and aesthetic outdoor living space?
  • YOU ARE SO FORTUNATE!  Tony is offering his permaculture and landscaping services!!!!!!!

Contact Tony:

Local (Sonoma County, California): (707) 823-5369
Toll Free: 1-877-EZ-Habitat (877-394-2248) |