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Title: Habitat It And They Will Come

Author: Tony McGuigan (Resources by Anita Smith)

Info: A FUN and EASY how-to guide for creating and increasing animal habitat in home gardens.

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Build it and they will come!

Create animal homes in the garden, in the yard, in trees, on rooftops, anywhere around the outside of your home. Feel the excitement of nurturing nature, inviting wildlife. Create thriving biodiversity. This is your complete reference for why you want to reverse the ecological footprint of your home and how to do it by sharing your yard with critters tiny to not so big.

You will discover how easy it is to:

  • Understand why animals have nearly disappeared from yards around the home.
  • Know that your home surroundings can support diverse ecosystems.
  • Take responsibility for creating abundant flora and fauna in your yard.
  • Build animal habitats with common on-hand household materials.
  • Learn tricks of the trade as you improvise stunning landscape features that invite thriving biodiversity [change].
  • Think like a critter! Be the slinking newt, the stealthy snake, the buzzing bee, the leaping lizard.
  • Use links to our web site — packed with valuable habitat ideas, habitat how-to diagrams and checklists, information on animals, fungi, and plants, and other resources. See the Table of Contents.

Anthony McGuigan is the fix-it man of animal habitats.”

–B. Carpenter

“Hurray for Animal Habitats In Your Yard, teaching us the step-by-step of building ‘one backyard at a time’ toward ecological responsibility.”

–Sally Mander

“One World, many habitats. Anthony McGuigan has delved into how overdevelopment has reduced home habitats and what and how we can bring them back.”

–Ned the Neanderthal

Anthony McGuigan is an expert on creating animal habitats for the residential garden. He combines specialties in many fields to manifest his creativity, promote his passion in giving back to nature, and in reducing his overall ‘footprint’ on our glorius Earth. The knowledge and success Anthony has gained in working with Northern California native species has attracted many animals to many varied habitats. He is a leading authority on creating animal habitats.

This book will show you how to take action to bring wildlife back to your home. What are you waiting for?

Pre-Publication Price

Buy now for $49.95.  Your book will be shipped in 7 days.

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