Nov 182012
Lemon Pot with hugelkultur layer under soil.

Day 3 in this 6-day video series: Preparing patio pots for winter veggie planting.

First a video  re “Patio Veggie Pots”,  then some patio veggie planting pics (below the video):

Patio Veggie Pots 3 of 6 (video):


Patio Veggie Planting (pics):


Lemon Pot with hugelkultur layer under soil.

Lemon Pot with a thick layer of "garden debris" (if there is such a thing!) under the planting soil. The composting organics will eventually turn to soil and add some richness to the existing soil. The process of burying organic matter in piles to breakdown over years is called hugelkultur, a German term and garden art.


For a detailed discussion,

clear graphics, and lots of pics of hugelkultur,

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Happy planting veggies on your patio and see you tomorrow.